Intra-solar Network Status

Solar RegionApprx. Latency (LH)Apprx Avail. ConnectionsNotes
*Mercury<1000high signal degradation
*Venus2,573high fidelity connection
EarthCurrent Region>10,000high fidelity connection
Mars00:04>10,000high fidelity connection

All latencies are approximations based on planetary distance. In the case of regions in the outer solar system, actual latency may differ depending on which moon you inhabit.

Not enough connections? Launch a free relay station and help the freeNet! We are working on connection fidelity for regions beyond Pluto. If you are a exo planet explorer, please contact us.

* = Mercury and Venus primarily assist communication between other regions, and offer very few native services. If you are mapping home through opposition, Venus tends to have less signal degradation.