Title: I'm Back!!
Author: nina
Date: 3303861271
...Hi everyone! The Solar Union is after me so I had to move locations ('_`)... I will be broadcasting from this signal from now on! Please check back often!

 .:::.   .:::.

Title: The SolarNet is Pathetic!
Author: nina
Date: 3303863324
...So! The SolarNet is banning users who read my posts! Hehehehe. The Solar Union knows they can't find me out here, so they want to aggravate my Listener-sans instead!

Listener-san, don't be sad if you got B& T_T. We've still got the freeNet ^_~*! Plus I know I have a lot of Listener-sans no matter what. Thank you for not giving up on me! And before you ask, I don't care if the Solar Union reads this. I mean, what can they do? Haha!

...To those back home: Remember, don't believe anything you hear, no matter how official or scientific it sounds. The media is fake too. The people the press says are bad, are actually good. The solar system was NOT contacted by aliens. Ever. Remember that!
Title: Dream of fresh vegetables
Author: nina
Date: 3303924054
...This moon is completely dead... I want to grow vegetables, but it'll take months to get an astroponics pod shipped to me on the sly. I've got plenty of food until then. Its safe to say that without instant ramen, mankind would have never colonized the solar system.
Title: Questionable SETI Keplar Data
Author: nina
Date: 3304113667
SETI: Light/Radio signals of an intelligent origin from Kepler-186 system
2014: 0
2024: 0
2034: 0
2044: 0
2054: 0
2064: 0
August 14, 2065: 0

...Weirrrd huh? At least this is what the data looked like before it was "improved" right after the "Keplarians" "contacted" us 9 years ago. Yup! They tried to hide it but I have the data. There's a lot more where this comes from.
...We live in strange times. The ones who don't believe in aliens are the conspiracy theorists.